(photo compliments Heidi Maher - http://www.flickr.com/photos/93486948@N05/)

Located in the Tri-Valley community of the San Francisco East Bay, I have a passion for capturing the moments that make our hearts well up with joy or bring a tear to our eyes.

Having grown up in Colorado, my first photography love is all things sunsets and mountains. But there is something special about a a sunset behind the Pacific Ocean. And nothing can beat the magnificent power the mighty Redwood Tree holds. I love landscape photography and being able to share the landscapes I see with people who might not otherwise be able to have the personal experience.

But being a mom brought me new joys in photographing children at play. They are carefree and innocent. Capturing that playtime and joy is a pleasure and honor.

I am always learning and reading and improving my skillset. Please contact me for any pricing, packaging or session questions. I am available for children, siblings, friends, engagement or individual portrait sessions. I love natural light and natural settings, so my sessions are held at parks and open spaces.